You can now purchase this 45 minute meditation & Energy clearing session. By listening to this you will; 

  • Take part in a guided meditation using the Theta Healing Technique to witness your own Self Healing & release energies, feelings & emotions that are no longer serving you
  • Take part in an energy clearing session to Release Negative Feelings, energies & traumas that have been brought up in you as a result of the current Global pandemic
  • Receive healing to help unhook you from the collective consciousness around Fear, sadness & grief
  • Receive healing to help you feel safer, at peace & more grounded during this time.

You can now purchase the replay for this very powerful 90 minute Theta Healing® workshop (online via zoom) where we focused on releasing negative subconscious beliefs & patterns that are holding you back from living your life at your full potential and becoming the best version of yourself.

In this 90 minute webinar replay you will;

  • Release trauma & negative beliefs connected with childhood experiences that are impacting on your self worth.
  • Release trauma & beliefs that are blocking you from loving, valuing & respecting yourself more.
  • Receive healing work to increase your capacity to experience more self love.
  • Watch a live 1:1 demo where I worked with one of the participants on the call on a specific issue & you will receive the healing from this session.
  • Take part in a guided meditation & energy clearing where you will receive healing downloads to assist you in increasing your capacity for self love.