What Happens In a session?

During a session I will use meditation to connect to Divine Source Energy.

I may then do an intuitive scan of your energy to determine what issues need to be worked on first. Although the client may already know what issues they want to address before they start the session.

I will then try and get to the bottom beliefs which are creating the issues in your life. To do this I may ask a number of simple questions. With your permission, I will then change these beliefs and replace them with new empowering beliefs so you can create the change that you desire in your life. Its really that simple.


Beliefs are the ideas & feelings we have about ourselves, the world or other people, that we believe to be true.

We form our beliefs as young children as a result of the experiences we have through out our life. Some beliefs we form may be positive ones which will be beneficial to our lives while others will be negative and be detrimental to us.

The Law Of Attraction states that ‘Where attention goes, energy flows.’ So basically, whatever we focus our thoughts/attention on is what we draw into our lives. This brings us to the realisation of how powerful our thoughts are. Life does not merely ‘happen’ to us, but rather at some level, our thinking is creating and drawing to us, that which we predominately think about & feel. 

So as we form beliefs when we are young, through our thinking we continually draw in experiences that will reinforce these beliefs and they become belief systems. These belief systems will then govern certain areas of our lives and dictate our experiences in all areas of life; from relationships, to finance, to health. Thus, our beliefs are dictating the potential of our relationships, our success in business or our careers, our wealth and our experience of health & vitality. 

It is true to say that the limiting beliefs we formed since a young age are limiting our lives in the present moment. They are creating, forming and shaping our lives. What if you could remove these beliefs and replace them with more empowering beliefs that will enable you to expand your barriers and change your life? This is what we do using the Theta healing technique...

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