What Happens In a session?

During a session I will use meditation to connect to Source Energy (The Energy that goes through all things).

I may then do an intuitive scan of your energy to determine what issues need to be worked on first. Although the client may already know what issues they want to address before they start the session.

I will then try and get to the bottom beliefs which are creating the issues in your life. To do this I may ask a number of simple questions. Once we discover the Beliefs that are held at the bottom of your issue, with your permission, I will change these beliefs and replace them with Positive, more empowering beliefs so you can create the change that you desire in your life. Its really that simple.

I will teach your mind/body new positive feelings that will help you to feel more Happy & Confident straight away and show you how to live with holding onto feelings of Sadness, Fear, Anger ,Guilt .... 


''Sometimes Healing isn't enough, and you need to receive new ideas with energy. I needed to remember things about myself, along with clearing old beliefs & feelings. Derek managed to marry both ideas by healing my mind, body & Soul. I feel like a new person ready to take on the world''    Mariel O'Keefe - Dublin 

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