Is This You....?

  • You've gone through some shitty experiences throughout your life that have resulted in you having low self confidence & self worth? 

  • You struggle to have boundaries with people, finding it extremely hard to say 'No' even when you want to and put it down to being a  'Nice Person' or  you tell yourself  you're just a 'People Pleaser'?

  • You deeply desire to value yourself so much more & put yourself first?

  • You want to be a Happier version of yourself with bags of self Love & high self esteem?

If this is you.... well to be completely honest, if you answered YES to any of the above points then you will LOVE the brand new 6 week online group programme that I'm launching right now called ‘Become Your Best Self’.

‘Become Your Best Self’ is a 6 week deep healing & transformational programme for sensitive souls like you that desire to heal from past trauma & unhealthy patterns that are keeping you stuck & feeling like you aren’t good enough so that you can move forward in life with ease as your authentic self with high self confidence, self worth & super strong boundaries.

A 6 week healing & transformational journey where you will release hundreds of negative subconscious beliefs, let go of deep seated patterns of trauma, emotional pain, rejection & hurt so that you can finally start to feel happier, more care free and really love yourself in a much deeper way.

We will clear, release & let go of tonnes of limitations focusing on 6 topics, carefully selected so that you let go of all of the baggage that is weighing you down, completely transform yourself, step into the best version of yourself right now & live your life for you!


Week 1

 Monday 31st August 8pm UK

Healing from the Past & Letting Go of Childhood Trauma

Your whole identity & your sense of yourself is formed in early childhood based on the experiences you have in this time. These years are directly responsible for how you view yourself and the world and these points of view that you form in this time are your core beliefs. This is when you create your perception of life & yourself.

On this call We will focus on clearing trauma & releasing belief systems formed from negative childhood experiences that are holding you back in any way so that you can release  trauma, unhealthy patterns, limiting core beliefs & increase your self confidence & sense of self worth.

Week 2

 Monday 07th September 8pm UK

Clearing Patterns of rejection & Shame

Rejection is a big one. Rejection that we experience early on in life can deeply effect our sense of value & self worth. When we experience any type of rejection in our lives it can automatically send us messages like 'I am not good enough', 'I'm not wanted' or 'I'm not loved' as well as  many others. We then carry these subconscious beliefs with us throughout our life and whenever we experience something that feels like a rejection we become triggered subconsciously & all of those feelings from the past quickly resurface causing us to feel worthless & unhappy and as a result we can start to reject ourselves, creating low self esteem.

On this call you will Clear away these deep seated patterns of rejection connected with past experiences so that you can release the emotionalpain, develop a lot more acceptance of yourself & start to feel worthy as you are, truly recognising your value.

Week 3  

Monday 14th September 8pm UK

Increasing your Value &Self Worth

On this call we will work on clearing away all the toxic habits you have created and do in order to feel Valued or to feel worthy (You’l be surprised at how many there are) so thatyou can start to value yourself unconditionally, just for being you!!

You will release negative subconscious beliefs & release negative energies connected to old experiences that are lowering your sense of value & worth so that you can move forward in life really & truly recognising your value & increasing your self worth.

You will receive tonnes of healing downloads into your body & mind so that you can start to feel increased love  & value for yourself & ultimately start to attract in more abundance & success into your life.

Week 4

 Monday 21st September 8pm UK

Releasing Your From the Projections & Judgments of Others

When people are judging you what they are doing is projecting their ideas, beliefs & feelings onto you. This can be done as a way to get us to align with what they believe so in other words people can judge you as a way to manipulate you. Most of the time its subconscious so they are not even aware that they are doing it. But they are still doing it nonetheless. 

If you are a quite sensitive, empathic or have weak boundaries you will take on everything. You will absorb other peoples projections and believe that they are your own and you will start to think, feel or live based on other peoples projections. This can result in you living a life of thoughts, feelings, energies that are not even yours! In order to live life for you, as your authentic self it is SO important to recognise the difference between other peoples projections and what is true for you AND to release the judgements & projections of others from your energy! On this group call we will do just that. 

You will clear away the projections, expectations & judgments of others from your energy so that you can truly recognise what is yours and really start to live your life from your point of view knowing what is true for you! This is when you really start to empower yourself & your life through having healthy boundaries.


Week 5

 Monday 28th September 8pm UK

Empowering Yourself by Creating Healthy Boundaries

On this call you will clear away trauma & belief systems that are keeping you in the unhealthy pattern of people pleasing & preventing you from having strong boundaries with people

Receive healing and downloads so that you can strengthen your emotional, energetic & physical boundaries with people and develop the ability to say NO to people with ease, without feeling like a horrible person (Seriously, its really possible lol)

You will also learn many practical & conscious ways the you can start to create healthier boundaries in your life.


Week 6

Monday 5th October 8pm UK

Increasing your Level of Self Love

You will clear, release & let go of  negative beliefs & trauma that are preventing you from living your life FOR YOU and truly focusing on your needs!

You will Receive tonnes of healing & energy downloads so that you can start to feel more love for yourself, put your needs first with ease without feeling guilty or bad and really increase your capacity to love yourself on a deeper level.

Are You In.....?

Okay so if you’ve gotten this far then its not by mistake, clearly this programme is a fit for you or its resonating with you in someway. I mean, to be completely honest this programme is for everybody… the structure to this programme along with the Topics we will be diving into & doing deep healing work on, is designed so that almost anybody can join and walk away with huge transformation!

So, If You Are Ready To...

  • Release hundreds of negative beliefs, unhealthy patterns & past trauma that are keeping you stuck in that mentality of not feeling good enough so that you can move forward in life with ease, feeling confident in yourself & really loving who you are.
  • Heal deep patterns of rejection, abandonment, abuse, neglect & struggle connected with past experiences so that you can feel freedom from your past and increase your self worth & self esteem.
  • Let go of energies, feelings, emotions & problems that you are taking on from other people so that you can feel so much lighter, carefree and protect your energy more.
  • Let go of people pleasing patterns so that you can finally start to put yourself & your needs first with ease & confidence.


And you Deeply Desire to....

  • Love & Accept yourself in a much deeper way so that you start to attract more love, abundance & success into your life with ease.
  • Completely transform your self confidence, self worth, & self esteem so that you can move forward in life being your authentic self.
  • Speak your truth and Say ‘No’ to people (when you really desire to) without guilt or shame so that you can have strong & healthy boundaries with people.
  • Get to know yourself on a deeper level & develop a greater sense of yourself so that you can trust yourself & your intuition more.
  • Put YOU and YOUR NEEDS first so that you can finally start living life for you & feel amazing about it.
  • Live your life with much more happiness & ease.
  • Attract more abundance & success into your life.
  • Become part of an online high vibe community of people on the same journey as you so that you can connect with your soul tribe, receive support, share & celebrate one anothers transformations, growth & breakthroughs.

.... Then get yourself into this AMAZING  life changing 6 week programme right now while it is at this incredible introductory offer. We kick off on Monday 31st August at 8pm UK!!



Whats included in Your Investment

  • 6 x weekly 90 Minute Group Healing & Energy Clearing Live Calls online via zoom where you can receive 1:1 healing work from me And take part in group energy clearings where you will clear hundreds of limiting  subconscious beliefs, release trauma & negative energies centred around the 6 key topics. We start on Monday 31st August at 8pm UK and the live calls will be each Monday at 8pm UK after until our final call on 28th September.

  • Access to a private Facebook group so that you can connect with other souls on the same journey as you & celebrate each others transformations & breakthroughs in a supportive, safe community that promotes positivity & keeps the vibe as high as possible by focusing on gratitude & celebrations.

  • Receive a Bonus private 1 hour Healing & Transformation session with me (valued at €197) when you pay in full so that you can receive 1:1 private support from me & clear away deep blocks that are preventing you from stepping into the best version of yourself.

  • Receive the recording of each call afterwards in case you cannot attend any of the calls live. With this type of energy work you can watch the recordings and you will still receive the deep healing & energy work (This is probably my favourite thing about this type of work) Also, if you listen to the recordings over & over you will clear MORE & start to clear on a much deeper level so can continue to clear & release negative energies & unhealthy patterns even after the program is over. How amazing is that?!